The English springer spaniel credited with detecting and preventing superbug infections at Vancouver General Hospital is now lending his canine snout and germ detective duties to other hospitals in B.C.

Date: March 13

Source: Vancouver Sun

Author: Pamela Fayerman

Excerpt: “Angus and his trainer/handler, Teresa Zurberg – who started work at Vancouver General Hospital in 2016 – went to Kelowna General Hospital Monday. Angus used his scent-tracking capabilities to detect minute reservoirs of Clostridium difficile (C. diff), a fecal bacteria, in a few spots on two hospital wards. Dr. Bing Wang, an infection control specialist at Interior Health who helped arrange the visit by Angus and Zurberg, said she was impressed by the dog’s curiosity, efficiency and professionalism as he used his scent-tracking abilities to find toxins in the bacterial organisms that cause C. diff. infections. In a brief period of time, Angus detected spores on a metal rack used for hospital equipment and on a hospital bed.”