The Washington post is reporting that “U.S. and British officials announced an ambitious collaboration Thursday designed to accelerate the discovery and development of new antibiotics in the fight against one of the modern era’s greatest health threats: antibiotic resistance.”

“The partnership is committed to providing $44 million in funding in the first year and up to $350 million in new funds over five years to increase the number of antibiotics in the drug-development pipeline. The ultimate goal, officials said, is to move promising antibiotic candidates through the critical early stages so they can attract enough private or public investment for advanced development and win approval by U.S. and British regulatory agencies.”

“BARDA is already working directly with drug companies to support nine new antibiotics that could move into the market in the next one to three years, said Joe Larsen, acting deputy director at BARDA. The goal for CARB-X is to work on about 20 different drug candidates at any given time. “Our target is that at a minimum, two products make it to human testing in five years,” he said.”

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