Why Americans and Europeans may soon start dying of infections like it’s 1905 again

Quartz news site (qz.com) has posted a good overview article exposing the challenges of antibiotic resistance. You can read the full text {here.}

“Rarely has modern medicine faced such a grave threat. Without antibiotics, treatments for minor surgery to major transplants could become impossible…,” argue a team of UK medical experts in one article in a series on antibiotic resistance (paywall) in The Lancet. ”Infection-related mortality rates in developed countries might return to those of the early 20th century,” they say.

The reason antibiotics are no longer doing what they’re supposed to is mainly that they’re being given to the wrong patient. Instead of people with severe infections or risk of infection, the majority of antibiotics are consumed by animals and people who aren’t sick enough to justify their use.

Read more: http://qz.com/148395/why-americans-and-europeans-may-soon-start-dying-of-infections-like-its-1905-again/#