By Kate Kelland

UN officials have announced that the occurrence of superbugs -bacteria strong enough to withstand antibiotics- is no longer a prediction, but is extending and proliferating throughout the world. The UN even went so far as to indicate that all people across the globe, regardless of age or country, are considered to be at potential risk.

In part of the report, it has been indicated that a growing number of previously treatable diseases and ailments are becoming increasingly untreatable, even in developed nations such as Canada and Austria, among many others.

The WHO’s assistant director-general for health security, Keiji Fukuda explains in a statement just how grave the situation has become.

“Unless we take significant actions to improve efforts to prevent infections and also change how we produce, prescribe and use antibiotics, the world will lose more and more of these global public health goods and the implications will be devastating,” Fukuda stated.

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