Science and Industry developments

Can we win the war on cancer?

While statistics show that victory is still far off, scientists still have hope that we will succeed. So many of us develop this horrible disease [...]

Searching the sea for new antibiotics

As antibiotic resistance grows in breadth and severity, we have to look beyond traditional sources of new antimicrobial compounds. This video profiles William Fenical, a researcher who [...]

British Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Antibiotic Resistance

via Charlie Cooper, Story: Researchers and scientists at the research-intensive University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK recently announced that they have [...]

Serious Superbug Found in Imported Seafood

via Wired.comby Maryn McKenna, Story: There was breaking news last month, reported in the Emerging Infectious Diseases (a journal of the Centers for Disease [...]