Pfizer takes its shot at a vaccine for evasive superbug

May 23, 2013 | ReutersRead the story on Reuters here: Kathrin Jansen is a microbiologist with at least two breakthrough vaccines to her name: she brought the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil to market for Merck [...]

Is MRSA the Godzilla of Superbugs?

It kills thousands of Americans every year and can't be stopped by most antibiotics. Our best defense right now is really good hand-washing. Will that be enough to save us? By Disease Daily, May 17, 2013 via [...]

Dirty hospital rooms a top concern for Canadians

One-third of respondents to CBC survey say patient room, bathroom not clean This story from the CBC recounts "3,500 submissions to an online survey about patient experiences done by the fifth estate as part of Rate [...]