Forbes reports on a disturbing increase in the number of C. auris infections, resistant to antifungal antibiotics, like fluconazole (Pfizer’s Diflucan)

Story by Forbes
Candida Auris: A New Fungal Superbug Emerging As A Global Threat
AUG 24, 2017

In a breaking story about a new antibiotic-resisted fungal threat, Forbes reports that, “An uptick in an unusual yeast infection is prompting concern about widespread overuse of antifungal antibiotics.”

“The new bug on the block is C. auris. This is different from the common Candida albicans, which frequently causes vaginal yeast infections in women, diaper rash or “thrush,” an oral infection often complicating antibiotic treatment. C. albicans is susceptible to many anti-fungals; C. auris is not, and often is resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics.”

“The other disturbing trait is C. auris’ ability to be transmitted from person to person. This has not been seen with other types of Candida. (This can happen when the patient or health care worker contaminates their hands and then spreads the bacteria or fungus from one person to another. The same thing can happen if a bedside table or other object in a patient’s room becomes contaminated, and then the organism is picked up by the next patient).”

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Candida Auris: A New Fungal Superbug Emerging As A Global Threat